Pre-conception Nutrition

Setting the foundations

The first 1000 days of a baby’s life starts just prior to conception. The first 1000 days and epigenetics is a window of opportunity in which parents can impact the foundations of health for your child later in life. We can work with you to optimise your nutrition before you plan to become pregnant. We work with couples who are planning to conceive as well as couples undergoing fertility treatment.

Optimising nutrition prior to conception

Most people are aware that eating well during pregnancy is important for the outcomes for mum and baby. However, what you eat and your nutritional status pre-conception can be just as important. It is a good idea to develop good dietary habits before you become pregnant and ensure you aren’t missing any key nutrients such as iron, zinc and folate. With around half of all pregnancies being unplanned, the time to make changes to your diet and lifestyle may be sooner than you expect. We can work together to optimise your pre-conception nutrition around 3-6 months prior to pregnancy.

Sperm Health

Healthy and functioning sperm are required to conceive a baby. We see couples including the male partner to discuss dietary changes to optimise sperm health. There are a variety of diet and lifestyle factors which can influence sperm health which we consider during a dietetic assessment. We see men who are planning to conceive or early in their journey, as well as men who have known male factor infertility.

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