Infant Nutrition

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Many new-parents find there is an overwhelming amount of conflicting nutrition information given to them from breastfeeding, bottle feeding to when and how solids should be introduced. We can provide evidence-based nutrition education to the parents or caregivers so they can make an informed choice how to feed their baby.


Many breastfeeding mothers are bombarded with information about what they should (or more often, should not) eat while nursing their baby.  These usually well-meaning suggestions can leave mothers confused about what they can actually eat, or they may be unnecessarily cutting out whole foods groups putting themselves at risk of nutritional deficiencies.  Some babies have allergies and require mum to make dietary changes while they are breastfeeding.  We are here to support mothers at any stage of their breastfeeding journey and can help them with ensuring they have an appropriate diet.

Starting Solids

Many parents are confused by conflicting recommendations about when or how to introduce their baby to complementary foods. Often this time is referred to as “starting solids” or “weaning”.  A dietitian can help you understand different approaches to starting solid foods and types of foods to offer.  Many parents who have already started their babies on solid foods, are concerned about the amount or type of food that baby is eating.  We can work with you to support you through this time.  We can work together to see if we can optimise the feeding environment,  help you learn your baby’s feeding cues, as well as review the types of foods offered.

Formula Feeding

Parents may need to use formula for their babies for a variety of reasons.  Many parents feel they are confused when confronted with a formula aisle in the supermarket.  A dietitian appointment can help you understand the different formulas that are available so that you can make an informed choice about which formula to use.

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